Comment: I didn't actually say that

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I didn't actually say that

I didn't actually say that you didn't know anything about voluntaryism -it was implied by the fact that you don't know the answers to the questions you asked. I said you didn't look for the answers to your questions in the thread. I'm sorry but you cannot know about voluntaryism and ask those questions, they are mutually exclusive points of view.

The facts which you say you presented, I stated were found throughout the threat, which you desire not to look for. You are not interested in learning anything about voluntaryism and I said that is why I didn't personally answer your questions. They have been answered over and over and over again.

You still haven't answered the question, about how an entity created to commit immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts can be considered good; nor have you answered what it says about those who advocate for the existence of a government to commit immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts. The answeres to these questions are not found throught the thread; so if you wouldn't mind. It would be great if you would answer them; thanks.

Also, in your first two sentences you say:

Allow me to point out something of importance. In this case I am in a position to defend my factual arguments about how stateless society mixed with voluntarism has striking similarities with socialism and communism.

However, you never actually defended you assertion about the link between them(Voluntaryism and Marxism). The second sentence made it sound as if you were going to make your case; why didn't you?