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For me, it's no contest. I cannot stand to watch, listen to or listen about JS. You are comparing a minister to a trashmaster.

As far as LF, you know Betty Shabazz believed he assinated her husband. I remember those days and I lived in Newark, where the plot to kill Malcolm was hatched, and it wasn't LF calling the shots in those days! (And I do know the "hate whitey" mentality of that day.)He may have been given the job, though. Malcolm came to understand God's love and compassion for all people through his transformation within the Muslim faith. I have heard LF words for many, many years and I hear that same spiritual transformation. LF calls out tptb (the Moneychangers who are an offense to God and man), not "whitey".

I also have friends and acquaintances who are black and are followers of LF. They don't hate me with my white skin. In fact, I am often given a welcoming hug when we run into each other and they know they are welcome in my home, especially when bad storms (snow or hurricanes) come and they cannot get back to their own homes and need a place to sleep and be comfortable. We keep each other in our prayers and we truly share that love of the Christ Jesus between us in happy things and in sad things in our lives. The differences between us are on the outside, cultural, skin deep, and very superficial. We feel the Christ within each other. We respect each other. We supported Ron Paul and his political positions, as well. Never, ever(!) was there the least little sign of any bigotry on either of our parts. And yes, they are devoted followers of LF and their Muslim religion. Love knows no bigotry but, hates the evil the evildoers do and the evil they hold in their greedy little hearts. BTW, Jesus knew them well and called them out for it, too.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox