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They would need constant

They would need constant income; without the legitimacy of being the sacred cow called Government who would tolerate a violent group of thugs. You may point to the current Mobs, but the vast majority of their money comes from selling illegal drugs and also prostitution and gambling. Without those ot make money they are broke; and if they try to hit the shops for more money then they already take, they would be looking at more of their people leaving either via bodybags or due to the higher possiblity of leaving via a bodybag.

Massive violence -for that matter most if not all violence- is unsustainable without government.

How many Hawiians do you think would bow to a NY Mob?
How many Hawiians bow to the Washingtod DC Mob?

The difference between the two is one is called Government which apperantly gives it legitimacy to do what the NY Mob is not give the authority to do.

How can an organization created to commit immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts -such as government- be considered good? What does that say about those who advocate for government?