Comment: I believe it, because it's a

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I believe it, because it's a

I believe it, because it's a natural extension of putting the parents in an old folks home, and drugging them till they die to get the inheritance. Something apparently quite popular with the baby boomers for the last 20 years to their parents, because there were many articles written about it.

In fact, it happened in my family, with one of them "helping" my grandmother in the hospital by pushing her down. Then they got a power of attorney on her, and drugged her until she died. Not only do I know it happened from other members in the family, but I talked to her before she died in one of her wakeful states. That was before one of my cousins went to jail for 3 years for raping an under aged girl while taking pornographic pictures with his friend. It was in all the papers. Their career criminals - and I was quite naive at the time about it (and they were trying the same shit with me btw - being naive isn't a good thing).

I digress.

This whole thing is an extension of get rid of your parents to get the inheritance. That was so convenient, that they're now putting it into mass production and get the government to do it - just like they get the government to babysit the kids in school while they are at work, etc etc. And the whole situation before that was set up with welfare, so instead of families taking care of families - parents children, and children their parents later, you had the government again destroying "natural retirement" ie your children.

Many people will support this because they will want "their" inheritance sooner. Many people in this society are evil - there is no reason a free man has to associate or government with them.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.