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"History shows that the

"History shows that the utopia of stateless society inevitably leads to a dictatorial state."

History shows entirely the opposite. Government including the current one that started as a constitutional republic has lead to a state of of ever increasing dictatorial power and oppression.

Geezus look around you man. The whole idea of some group having authority the people do not to steal plunder and murder with impunity in the name of law order and protection is the major flaw with government. You are living in the midst of the proof right now and you can't see the forest for the trees!

No one calls Voluntaryism utopia that is a strawman argument. In fact Voluntaryism recognizes that everyone is different and equality is subjective. But equal opportunity to be all that you can achieve on your own merit is the true meaning of equality. That does not guarantee utopia and there will always be criminals who try to take advantage of others.

Everything you claim stateless society will cause is already in effect from the result of false authority claiming governments

A thousand years of history has proven men can live in a sophisticated society of freedom peace law and order without all the trappings of the state that leads to oppression theft and murder on the name of law and order.

Did you hear that a thousand years! That trumps a measly 2 hundred years of constitutional republic the last hundred of which has morphed into a tyranny like all false authority controlled societies have.

When you base a society on theft force and murder to maintain so called order it is doomed to fail!

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