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Danger! Must See

Please learn more about BFL (Butterfly Labs) before investing.
This link is to the largest Bitcoin forum:

It confirms what most of us already suspected/knew:

1) BFL is just a chaotic bunch of Cowboys with a great "can do" attitude (one has to admit this!), that somehow managed to get the funding done (e.g. with peoples pre-order money). But they have no clue whatsoever about technology, hence why they outsourced everything. Some of the egg heads fucked them over (which must have been pretty easy because BFL is a pure sales&marketing company), giving them wrong estimates (time & money). Hence all the fabricated updates from Josh and all the delays.

2) Whenever people asked Josh "do you have a working prototype?" he ignored them, insulted them or weasled his way out. Now we have the confirmation that, up until today, BFL does not know whether their chips work - or not. They do not even know if the design is OK.

5 month after the promised ("honest abe") shipping date BFL has no idea if their design is OK ?!?! ...

more at link