Comment: The LM is larger than we imagine it to be.

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The LM is larger than we imagine it to be.

LF is a part of it. Just with a different audience. I once told you this is a war that has to be fought on many fronts, on may levels. LF is like a general on his own front in this war, and he's is doing just fine educating his troops. (And yes, that is the kind of person he was talking about, obviously.)

Sadly, I cannot help bear understand anything. She and I speak very different languages and she doesn't seem to comprehend what you and I are pointing out to her. You know, see, and hear me as a friend, (even though we didn't start out that way... LOL)! She does not, and unlike you and me back in the beginning, she seems to block out what I am saying to her, as though it just doesn't compute in her mind; it's like things I wrote in reply to her just went right over her head. Maybe God will talk to her and explain it to her in terms she can understand.

BTW, Why would anyone even bring up LF on THIS thread? It's like being stuck in the Twilight Zone... dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee...

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox