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Noted; BFL irrelevant

Take BFL out of the picture and this is an amazing idea.

There are multiple ways we could do this.

Technically any computer can be used as a BTC Miner. Someone more knowledgable about BTC and Hardware in general (CPU, RAM, etc.) would be able to tell you which computer is the best/most efficient (energy and money) for Mining.

That rig could be put together, stored some where and routed to the DP Wallet.

Second, there are (I forget the actual term) websites that you can log onto and turn your PC over to Mining (all the users CPU/GPU is dedicated to Mining online). If we set this up through DP people could login and click a button and be Mining BTC for the DP.

Now, what can do other things with the BTC than just distribute it to share holders (we can still do that and do other stuff with part of it).

We could do BTC Bombs. Members could vote on which campaign we either send the BTC to, or sell the BTC and send the proceeds to.

Just some thoughts.

We could have a money bomb to support it, give Mike 20% and have the 80% go to a site fund to do stuff like the BTC Bomb, or pick some non-profits to donate to.

Jack Wagner