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I believe different States

I believe different States had their own Corporation Charter, but anyway, as you've pointed out government didn't do its job of keeping to that. The government allowing corporations to exist si the worse thing ever -you will not get a complaint from me about the evils of those mega corporations. However, the government which you advocate for is what empowers those very same corporations, by creating legeslation beneficial to those corporations which paid for the legaslation -and you can bet your A$$ that it is not the small business man or even a start-up company paying for that stuff.

Without government, the Corporations wouldn't be able to limit competition, by having extremely high start-up and operating costs which are imposed on most businesses by regulations passed by either Congress or a Federal Agency.

Without the benefit of a controlled market -like they have now- profits are not able to be predicted and most of the big investers would get out. They would have a hard time controlling the market even with the big profits and market share, without government; but by taking away government, the market share and profits go away also, they(the Corporations) would never be able to maintain their quasi-monopoly and their main investors would leave in search of profits.

Direct democracy always props-up the worst of all options. For Direct Democracy to work -as in, for it to select the very best person for the job- the total number of candidates would have to be nearly half the size of the total eligable voting population; this way the best possible choice could receive the largest number of votes.