Comment: Here is a little chess game that I am going to play:

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Here is a little chess game that I am going to play:

And I will even give away my answer before the game is over:

I will vote my conscience:

There is NO more "I will accept killing people overseas without due process if you leave the ones here alone".

There is NO more "I will let you have that little win if you accept sanctions this time".

There is NO more we will let you have air time and then we will *maybe possibly mention in passing* auditing the fed and the ones responsible".

There is NO more "maybe we will back off slightly attacking 2ndA if nra and everybody agrees to disarm veterans and impose million frn 'liability' insurance on everybody else even though we know that is is a direct INFRINGEMENT of the Bill of Rights.

And here's a WHOPPER OF A BEAUTY! How about every so-called republi'CAN' getting on NATIONAL TV explaining to the American people exactly what A21, ICLIE, SUSTAINABILTY [whatever you want to call it] is, how it is being underhandedly implemented, such as calling it some bogus name like "Act 47" and working to preserve OUR RIGHTS AND OUR REPUBLIC!!

How about this: gop wants my vote? Get on board or get the f&ck lost.

Now. How is that for chess?! Thanks for playing! Next!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul