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Comment: You will STILL get what you deserve.

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You will STILL get what you deserve.

"The funny thing is, if you -or anybody else- tried to mug me, there would be one less mugger in the world."

Do you understand the difference between facing a mugger and facing hundreds of thousands of muggers? This is about collective force, which you Anarchists want to be able to buy and use in a free market of violence, because what you covet is power. Yet you need to figure out how to sell it while pretending you oppose collectivism and want liberty. The only way you're going to get liberty is by defending it, and not just your own, but from an army of muggers.

It wouldn't even be an army of muggers you'd REALLY need to worry about. It would an army serving justice on the Anarchists who thought they were going to rule people in a free market of violence. It would be an army serving justice on those who thought they were going to buy power after a creating chaos.

There aren't any Anarchist politicians or countries for a reason, because your ideas can't be defended and nobody wants Anarchism except a few two faced liars who can't tell you what they actually want.

Your only hope is to play make believe thinking evil is just an illusion, and you can get rid of immoral behavior and injustice by getting rid of government (and shooting a few muggers).

Your Stateless Society will be EASILY taken Anarchist, because you never figured out why governments even exist or why they're created in the first place. In your own Anarcho-Barbarian words; the only reason governments exist is to commit immoral, unethical, and evil acts, and trying to sell that idea leaves you looking intellectually dishonest. (which you are)

You will STILL be taxed in a stateless society Anarchist. (It's called extortion) You will STILL be facing collective violence.(they're called goon squads) You will STILL be subject to injustice (enslaved). You will STILL dream of freeing yourself through destruction (be an Anarchist).

You will STILL get what you deserve Anarchist (injustice).