Comment: You label another individual as "evil"? Really?

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You label another individual as "evil"? Really?

You label another individual as "evil"? Really? Without even daring to address any of the arguments? "A government advocator," "immoral, unethical, and 'evil' entity"? Really?

So only based on the context of all the posts, you are judging a position to be wrong, incorrect, and already answered? What if I intentionally chose not to read all the opinions before I posted my original post?

And you choose to discuss a topic of Liberty and at the same time you associate individuals against their will with "others of their kind" without having any sort of clear understanding and even after you were told that the Socratic method was used?

Are you so blindly passionate about a cause that you claim to advocate Liberty, but yet you permit yourself to associate another individual with what you perceive to be "their kind" (against their will) and to execute a judgement against them on a personal level?

Who are you to decide who is right and wrong based on your own subjective interpretation of what the rules are?

Let me make it easier for you this time around - I am again using the Socratic method to expose a logical contradiction. I hope you can see it.