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Comment: What you don't seem to

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What you don't seem to

What you don't seem to understand is that in Voluntaryist system, the motivations which drive the vast majority of people to be criminals, don't exist.

Without the Black Market for Mobs/Gangs to make huge amounts of money -strictly due to the government imposed ban of certain things- then where would they get the money to continue operations? Most people aren't in the Mob/Gang for free; and whether you like it or not, they all do utilize cost-benefit analysis, and currently in our system as it is, it is more beneficial for criminals to be criminals, with very little potential cost.

More people will more than likely be armed, and unlike now, most people trying to purpatrate a crime will most likely get shot. This will -for the very posibility alone- change the cost-benefit analysis of crime. Something else which changes it, is the fact that capital will be easier achieved in the Free Market than by violence. Also, the pay, one would get by their Mob/Gang would be considerably lower than it is now, while the risk to ending-up shot or dead will increase.

There is no scenario where it becomes more beneficial to commit crimes, then to just go to work providing an actual product or beneficial service. If you think that a contractor of violence would be able to be sustained, I cannot see how. The word gets out -it already does, both in the Underground and Aboveground worlds- they couldn't take everything at once, and with that they would lose over time.

We are not Somalia, so if you think an outside government would help, that would be highly unlikely. The outside governments would be trying to regain or maintain market share which we would be taking by shedding the dead weight called government. If those countries -even all of them put together- tried to use violence against us, their only recourse would possibly be Nukes. Other than that, and they would bankrupt themselves trying. However, in using Nukes on the US, they would neccessarily take out the vast majority of inhabited Canada, Mexico, and most if not all of the Central American and some of the South American countries just due to the nuclear radiation of our Power Plants and the nukes the US would still have in storage. If we got to launch just a few, they would be done, because their major cities are the vast majority of their populations and they are so close together.

You have never explained why everybody would become a crime organization, other than; they will. Every aspect of the crime organiztion would be limited or non-existent in a Voluntaryist system, so all indication would say that crime would be less likely to exist, then more likely. More Guns equals less crime, legalized drugs leads to less crime, leaglized prostitution leads to less crime, and legalized gambling leads to less Mob/Gang activity. So, how can getting rid of all of those lead to more crime? The ability to earn a living -and not just a measily living but a decent/good living- would be much easier with less potential danger than a criminal would potentially face in a Voluntaryist system; so why would an individual or group of individuals decide to take the more risky, less beneficial -for the level of risk- route?

The reason I asked about what it says about a person who advocates for government is because, that immoral, unethical, and 'evil' istitution is the individual advocating for government; your just afraid of getting caught commiting those acts, so you want to create an entity to do it which wont get caught or be objected to by the subjects.