Comment: Yes, government is immoral,

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Yes, government is immoral,

Yes, government is immoral, unethical, and 'evil.' Is there something which you do not understand about those words? If I stole your money, is that moral, ethical, or saintly? What if I, imprisoned you because you refused to allow me to steal your money; is that moral, ethical, or saintly? What if, I killed you, because you wouldn't permit me to imprison you after you refused to let me steal your money; is that moral, ethical, or saintly? These are the things which government does; these are the things which you applaud government for doing; what else can be said about a person who applauds the immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts? I asked you that last question before, but you never answered it.

You do advocate for the existence of government do you not? Then can it not be said that those who share the same desire are similar in kind? All Voluntaryists are not the same, however, in the instance of arguing against government we are in kind. There was a direct coorolation between being an advocate of government and the anecdote; for it was only applicable to those which advocate for government. The only way this would not apply to you is if you are not an advocate for government; which I think most of your posts would betray any statement of the kind.

If you chose to make the comment without reading the previous comments, then my first comment to your comment should have sufficed to get you to do so; if you refused, then one can deduce that you are not that very interested in learning about what you asked. Therefore, I would not be obligated to repeat what had already been said several times; especially since there is a written record.

Who are you to decide who is right and wrong based on your own subjective interpretation of what the rules are?

Do you think theft is subjective; can it ever be good? Do you think enslavement is subjective; can it ever be good? Do you think murder(note, I did not say killing, I said murder) is subjective; can it ever be good? I'm sorry to tell you but these three things are not subjective, and these three things you desire to give to an entity which you know in time will completely abuse these abilities; as if the fact that government was given these abilities weren't bad enough, and yet you and your pro-government freinds cheer for this. Like the Romans cheering the Christians being fed to the lions.

I hope that you can see that government is by its very nature immoral, unethical, and 'evil.' How can an organization created to do immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts be anything else?

Also, there exists no logical contradiction within Voluntaryism, for if there were then there would have to be a logical contradiction within voluntary interactions between individuals; now wouldn't there?

There is no structure to Voluntaryism, there is only the fact that all interactions are voluntary between individuals -anything esle would violate the initiation of force of NAP, and the initiation of force negates any contract or agreement which otherwise bound the aggressed to the aggressor; which leaves the aggressed able to retaliate against the aggressor without violating NAP. Yes people don't have to follow that, however, I don't think violating NAP would end very well for any person or company; so it would be wise to follow it.