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"This is either a fascinating study in multiple personality disorder, or you're communicating very poorly."

Maybe a little of both - lol.

I'll be the 1st to admit that I am a HORRIBLE writer. However, I've explained myself further down with 2 other posters here (don't know if you've read those).

I don't agree with gun laws, yet I don't agree with handing a firearm to someone that is incapable of using it safely, or as you said, a "crazy" individual. Just as I wouldn't agree with handing car keys over to someone that is so drunk out of their mind that they can barely stand and see straight. I also wouldn't hand a firearm (or car keys) to a completely blind person either - yet there is nothing in the 2nd amendment that mentions blindness, and if we took it further, now I'm discriminating.

And it's a difficult issue for me because I also believe that over half of the people diagnosed with some kind of mental disorder are misdiagnosed. I firmly believe that just like any torturer can make you confess to any crime you didn't commit, any psychiatrist can "FIND" something wrong with you. Then it becomes a slippery slope because once you're on any kind of psychiatric medication, you don't know how that person will react to the drugs.

"I would tend to agree with the basic principle, if an obviously crazy person or someone with a history of violence tries to by a gun I would hope the seller would refuse to provide it."

So playing devil's advocate here; You wouldn't support a law banning the sale of a firearm to someone that has had mental issues since childhood and has a history of violence?