Comment: Sure it exists, your question answered itself

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Sure it exists, your question answered itself

Here's what I wanna know: does wag the dog exist? Politicians, for sure, whether "libertarian" or not, exist thanks to a carefully orchestrated, trans-generational, nonpartisan effort among the handlers of such so-called leaders. You know, living documents and continuity-of-government and revolutions and shadowy mind control and long knives in the dark and all that.

Mr. someone or other goes to some capital. Repeat whenever plausible, and if possible, rile up the rubes until they're singing & goose-stepping.

Hell, it's probably been playing at your local theater for thousands of years. Where do you suppose Hitler Jungen come from, or killing fields? [edit: or Frank Capra movies for that matter]

Why are the vast majority of atrocities carried out (if not planned) by people under the age of 25? Have they not yet learned how to not be evil? Have they perhaps been tricked? Are they targeted specifically with psy-ops, or are they merely more susceptible to the manipulation and the pretty lights?

Have you been to Disneyland lately and do you want your MTV? Do you like singing in the rain?

Do you own a mansion and a yacht?