Comment: Anti-government patriot groups increasing in number

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Anti-government patriot groups increasing in number

surely tells the story that the government is not doing its job and many are concerned. THAT is what the news should tell and not go on to tell the people WHAT TO THINK ABOUT THE FACT! Just give the facts and allow people to think for themselves!

This guy is a moron. He has been scripted by his handlers and owners to take this slant on anti government groups, rather than focus on the issues the groups are trying to bring forward.

The message is that anyone who speaks against the government will be labelled as terrorist and in the future perhaps treasonous. That is the way fascist communist regimes maintain control.

And make no mistake, this NWO that Obama speaks for and represents is a tyrannical control group bent on bringing humanity into complete obedience as has been done in every fascist nation.

America is a superpower and must be destroyed because it is the only threat left to the NWO. These morons in the media are helping to destroy America and do not have the brains to realize it. They cannot envision the larger picture.