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You've nailed it again hawkiye

The DP would be a much lesser place without your keen vision of things hidden from plain sight.

I too was reeling after the convention and experienced my own reservations about Rand although I was never convinced that Rand was a closet neocon, I felt for a while that he just didn't have the same unyielding dedication to the 'cause' that Ron has.

These last few weeks have been encouraging however, and now I find myself more and more excited about the way he has maneuvered himself through the ugly and infectious political waters surrounding Washington.

To me this recent intensifying of anti-Rand rhetoric is proof that he IS having the effect that we all desire, and IS moving the political football AWAY from those who consider the whole world, even main street America as 'the battlefield'.

Filibustering Brennan while the AIPAC funded and controlled neocon warpigs dined with the dictator WAS, like Krauthammer said a stroke of political genius.

No, stealing McCains thunder while portraying Grahamnesty as a globalist WARPIG was definitely not part of some secret neocon strategy to