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Hey entropypress

Don't worry. Rand is playing chess. He's just using politics but he's moving our agenda forward. He's chipping away at the establishment bit by bit. Remember, big changes don't happen fast. Be patient and trust Rand, he's going to turn everything around once he fools the whole country into voting for him for president, then he'll reveal that he's a Libertarian and fix everything.

I know right now it seems like Washington is still just rolling right along (over us) but don't worry, Rand is chipping away. Soon the nation will be 20, 30, 40 or 100 trillion in debt, the currency wrecked, civil war raging and the Federal Government slaughtering citizens. But don't worry, no one will get killed with a drone, (except for combatants, who deserve to get killed) and Rand will still be making those important political inroads that will allow the Liberty Movement to one day seize power in Washington.

I just wanted to tell you to relax because we are winning and everything is alright.