Comment: Instead of standing with us and building bridges

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Instead of standing with us and building bridges

Instead of applauding Rand's stand, that he did because he understands how the constitution works.. no one came up to Rand and said.. "Hey, such and such a time we're going to fillibuster..." Rand is awake, and he kept on topic, and he took a new lead in the GOP.. one that incorporates the value of life, and while so many believe there was so much more that could have been said, or should have been said, the message Rand gave was a wake up call.

Instead of congratulating Rand for waking people up, and giving antiwar a big move in the right direction, you come here to knock Rand, ignor his own legislation of ending the fed and push an old story about Warren who has done nothing since. Good for Warren for standing up to the banks! Bravo!!

It doesn't top what Rand did.