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"If he turns out to be a

"If he turns out to be a sellout, then we are no better off then we are"

You see, thats where, respectfully, i disagree, and i suspect others who are'nt sure on rand may feel the same, i think that would completely negate the progress we make, and a very real potential to twist people againt liberty, liberty thoughts bouncing off castle walls, where there was only a tent before a betrayal.......COME ON ...YOU KNOW how the status quo and media WILL PLAY THAT..........

No one is saying not to show support in the ways your able, just saying its a long road, and there is ample time to give your trust, give support, if you support it, but hold your trust, let them earn that through actions, which, yes, for bringing the drone conversation to the public, rand should get his dues, but not our undying trust, not yet.......

Im not cautious of the amount of support this got, im overjoyed, its just some of the comments (i jest, but) proclaiming rand the second coming, if thats not trust, i dont know what is

sorry to you folks, i dont mean to offend, hope ive not, but there is a urge to explain this, and i recognise the same concern in other peoples comments, this is not a neo con shill job, its a cautionary tale from you fellow liberty lovers