Comment: so what the hell else is new...

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so what the hell else is new...

Our gov has been doing this constantly regardless of the "stunts" being performed. This would have gone down regardless of the filibuster. Was it an opportunistic move? sure maybe, but the notion that this is some kind of pre planned distraction by Rand for the establishment is ridic. And does anyone have any real evidence any more before spouting their mouths? Rand didn't even know he was going to do this until the time came. If you don't recall it was by happen stance that Rand even got the floor. I am not even a Rand supporter, and this is getting old even for me.

Can't anyone just be happy about more awareness to the drone program. That was the whole point. There are millions more paying attention to this now then prior. Does that just count for nothing? The "NWO" is not going to fall over night for crying out loud, to all you folks that believe in that conspiracy.

Everyone is always complaining about being marginalized. But when there is real opportunity to bring people to our beliefs, all the sudden the same people complaining about being placed on the "fringe" become gate keepers like they are some kind of know all be all authority to freedom. It's hypocritical, and helps no one.

Who here honestly believes Ron Paul himself disproves of the filibuster?