Comment: I, yah, yah, yah, yah Once again what have I done.

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I, yah, yah, yah, yah Once again what have I done.

For weeks even months I have tried so hard to increase my positive ratings on this site I had built up a -7 rating instead of a -10 rating and now once again I'm completely blown it My negative ratings have shot completely through the roof. So forgive me for not having the right way of thinking for not saying the right things for always having to question what you and I believe in as abolute truths.

Once again I have taken my libertarian marching orders and completely torn them up and thrown them out the window.I have completely fallen off the wagon.I am constantly having to question my beliefs I am constantly having to bring up ideas that escaped the paths of libertarianism.

But the absolute truth is there are no absolute truths this government was set up to bring forth people with different ideas different ways of thinking in different ways to try to solve our problems it's called democracy and sometimes it wins and sometimes it fails.

To believe that libertarianism is the absolute perfect answer to all our problems will fail every time. As will conservatism and as liberalism will fail when taken to the extreme.Because none of us hold the same beliefs.

The best we could ever do is to walk all around mostly blindly knowing that there are no absolutes in democracy.

I like Sen. Rand Paul I really do I like the way he speaks I like what he says and I like what he does. But Sen. Paul is just a human being with many failures just as we all are.

I have even heard Sen. Paul Rand that is talk about how he even has overstepped the boundaries of the Constitution itself. I have heard him talk about how we have every right to stop unconstitutional searches and seizures of our property but we do not have this right when we are traveling and especially traveling on federal government property. I have heard him speak about how the government has every right for searches and seizures while traveling on federal lands.

You havea right not to be unlawfully searched not to have your property seized but you do not have the right to handcuff the TSA when traveling on federal property. That is why it is greatly concerns me that Sen. Paul has put my life in your life in danger .

Just think about this , had that actual grade one bomb had gone off on an airplane the one that had gone through the TSA. Not only does that put innocent lives in danger but if this were really were happen it would easily be the end of Rand Paul's political career much less his presidential run. And most likely he would end the liberty movement.

Rand is playing a dangerous game and I think there should be people to speak up and tell him when he has overstepped his boundaries.We can use liberty,but use it wisely it is a serious matter and should never be put before the choice of prudence.