Comment: Ah, but can technology save us?

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Ah, but can technology save us?

Just like the gun became the equalizer among the powerful and the weak for those who used it, I would think that technology can do the same in this era. We just have to think a little outside the box.

Before doing so, let's define better what this meant. Once weaponry and fighting power became equalized, people came into a stage where they respected each other's rights. Private property became more sacred because if you broke that bond, you got shot. ...and death is a bit of a deterrent.

Also, crime of other sorts waned quite a bit. This was a strong but generalized trend until the introduction of the next incentive. The mobs and other organized crime syndicates formed because there was now a much larger incentive to chase down. Prohibition of alcohol, prostitution or other things played their part and the stakes were raised to the point where it was PROFITABLE to hire thugs to perform those violent acts. At this point, the tables were turned once again. Fortunately for us, organized crime requires this large jump in incentive. No one is going to rob a self sufficient farm that has little cash, gold, food or other cool toys. They're going to focus on those with lots stashed. So, those of us going local, off grid and starving the big banks have little to fear.

With all that said, here's a completely viable way to re-equalize the power of the individual. Every single one of these examples can be purchased off the shelf today. Some assembly may be required and your mileage may vary but as it advances, it can only get easier and cheaper.

Say you live on your owned land and you self produce the majority of what you need to survive. Say you have a home sized concentrating solar system which provides all your energy needs (not just electricity). Say you recycle your waste to get fertilizer and feedstock for a water treatment / fishing / swimming pond. Say you store a healthy stockpile of water, gold, bitcoins, fish, produce, beef, dairy, fruit and whatever else. Your daily life is based on trading produce which you produce in abundance for dairy which you aren't interested in producing. Now, say your land gets invaded. Your motion sensors pop up a window on your tv screen, allowing you to skype with the intruder. You determine you want them to leave but they refuse. You press a button and another window pops up where you launch a dozen antonymous video recording, armed quad-copters. They scare him off in most cases but this time, they don't. He advances so you hit his vicinity with a directional EMP gun mounted on one of the drones. His electronics are now toast. Still he advances, having shot down your drones with some other crazy aiming system. Now he approaches your home and you take the next step. You pop up yet another window and take control of your home-mounted turrets. Pressing a button, your roof eaves open up and down come a number of multi-axis air cannons and rail guns, each fitted with auto-target-following technology. Your screen allows you to select a target such as his gun, his hand, his knee, his shoulder or other and then it follows it impeccably. Upon a warning shot, you let loose, removing those threats one by one. Should multiple people be involved outside, the final defense could simply track faces and lay them out at a combined rate of more than 10 per second.

With no electronics, it would take millions of dollars to penetrate this scenario, yet the entire setup only cost you a couple thousand to install. Who is going to go up against that for the measly gain they have available?

This is all possible now. It just hasn't been done because no one thought they had the need. If anarchy took place, that would change and it would quickly become the standard. And I'm comfortable with it.