Comment: Imaginary? Mmmkay, tell all

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Imaginary? Mmmkay, tell all

Imaginary? Mmmkay, tell all the living relatives that when their son, daughter, father, mother, sister or brother got blown to bloody bits that it was just their imagination. Tell them that their grief is not real. Go tell the family of the sixteen year old, American citizen that was killed by a drone in Yemen, that is just their imagination. I guess the drones I see flying in my states skyways are just my over active imagination.

Drones are very real. People being droned into a bloody, red mist is very real. Imaginary, my ass.
It is more likely that we are fighting imaginary enemies.

As for Warren, eh, I never really trust the intentions of politicians with such strong ties to Israeli lobbyists. The rich irony of Elizabeth Warren asking her question to these regulators, whose ranks she would have joined but for a Republican effort to block her nomination prior to her Senate run, is that she is an advocate of increasing the very regulations that contributed to the financial meltdown and that prevent suits against Wall Street banks. After all, Wall Street was just complying with Washington’s orders.