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I could really care less

I could really care less about electability and who wins the "game".. I care about the message and staying true to it. If you decide the people that feel the same way I do are "shills" then so be it.

It seems the "neocons" are actually the ones that are pushing Rand onto this movement. Haven't you noticed ever since the Romney endorsement that Hannity and crowd are all cheery about Rand without EVER mentioning his father or Libertarian ideas... Think about that.

Haven't you noticed that Rand has ALWAYS voted in favor of sanctions and has said he would in the future.

Did you just notice the news of how he voted in favor of the NDAA? And please don't bring up the Feinstein bill that was put into it like that was some great chess move because a compromise of liberty is something I will never excuse.

That's not a Libertarian stance on war, more so a conservative republican's.. That's what he is. A Conservative REPUBLICAN.

I don't vote for people, I vote for principle and he just lost my vote.