Comment: It's wrong whether the impostered victim is a soldier or not.

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It's wrong whether the impostered victim is a soldier or not.

The OP could've referred to him as John Q. Public and it would've been just as wrong.

Just because the person stepped away and forgot to log themselves out does not entitle someone else to unauthorized use of their email account.

If you left your address book or little black book or client rolodex or whatever out on the table and stepped away, it would not be ok for someone to go thru it and contact everyone in it posing as you.

You say you're glad the OP seems to be in the business of changing the hearts and minds of men. In this instance, I serously doubt the impostered victim's or his contacts' hearts and minds will be changed favorably toward the spam. Rather, just the opposite is more likely to be the case.

When I receive spam emails, especially under the guise of someone in my contact list who has had their account taken over by virus or hacker, I am not persuaded in the least toward what they sent. Instead, I am turned off by it. It makes no difference to me what is in the link.

Go213mph has posted some good threads on this site. This is not one of them. He exercised poor judgement, and people making excuses for it or condoning it are not helping in the least.