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Got it....

So Rand should be earmarking taxpayer dollars for his state to build a defense network to shoot down drones flying in his state. That would create a lot of jobs.

He could lead the state to legalize medical marijuana and hemp creating an industry for his state as well as a protective enforcement agency that would defend his constituents from any entity that tried to seize or arrest anyone that uses, sells or manufactures marijuana or hemp.

Let's see, creating a state currency would be another project he should spearhead.

Maybe attract gun manufacturers to move to his state and produce AR-15s with 30-round mags.

Basically, anything he and Kentuckians want whether it agrees with the constitution or the federal government.

After all, it's not his job to interpret the constitution on whether state rights trump federal law. His job is to bring home the bacon his constituents were forced to fork over to the federal government and create an infrastructure for a prosperous state economy.

Take note Rand, Obama can't stop you and if he tries you have every right to defend Kentucky's rights by any means necessary.