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Oh, no. I didn't think or

Oh, no. I didn't think or take it as an attack. I guess I was just thinking out loud lol

Well, they could hurt others, but why would they? That would go back to the conversation about human nature I guess. What causes people to get violent and hurt people?
I'd say it has a lot to do with the way a person/s were raised. In a monopolized society like ours where everybody is fighting for the same things(paper currency, wealth, power etc), violence is bred or expected and is passed down from generation to generation, but in a society where there is no restraint or need for any of that and nothing but open choice, like a voluntaryist society, you'd expect a lot less violence. To say there wouldn't be any at all would be a bit much, but it definitely would be way less than now.

How would you enforce not being hurt by others? Learning to be polite, learning how to defend yourself, learning how to use a weapon, learning how to respect others. It won't be over night, but people can actually learn these tactics lol.

As for a set justice system. It would all be up to the individual because everyone is different. If you want a system then you could make one and whoever wants in to that system joins it voluntarily. I personally like to look at some of the Native tribes when I think of justice. For example, some villages had rules, but they weren't violently enforced. If someone didn't follow the rules then you just didn't deal with that person anymore, no trading, no interaction etc. If they got violent then you defend yourself and your community and maybe banish them from your property. Who would stop a person from getting on your property? You. The same way you do it now.

"Individuals will be left to decide for themselves and this won't always lead to something positive (I hate how this sounds, because it comes of as elitist), but I fear that collective agents will take advantage of the individual; and again history has been an good indicator of this"

Well, I agree. The way society is right NOW is problematic. Civilization was turned into what it is now. It's definitely bad.
The same way violence was passed down through society from past generations is the same way society can pass down peace to future generations. You can unlearn violence and learn voluntary interaction. It's the same thing as taking a kid from the ghettos and moving him into a billionaires home, where in one life he would most likely turn into a thug and the other he could turn into a Senator. People adapt and grow in their environment.

I think it'll be hard. I mean look at how some people still see Libertarianism as being "ridiculous" or "utopianistic" lol, but the way I see it.. the same way people advocate Socialism and Fascism is the same way people can advocate Voluntaryism. Which is more extreme? It'll take a long time, but it can work. The world needs it.

And yeah, I'm enjoying the convo as well :)