Comment: I posted one of those

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I posted one of those

I posted one of those Facebook pics where it has Obama saying this is what I think I am..shows a pic of superman..ends with this is who I really am shows a picture of George Bush. This is the comment made by my very neo-con, fox loving, go republican whoever you are "friend"

quote-------- I think he's MUCH MUCH worse than Bush. Bush caught hell for wanting to look at certain emails of suspected terrorists. This man wants to kill them with drones, and just because it's his OPINION that they pose a risk. But I hope Rand Paul runs in 2016. I'd vote for him, but I just can't stand his father as president.------ end quote

IMHO This was there plan the whole time..Neo-cons and liberty people have nothing in common..and yet they are united under Rand??? Am not buying it at all...

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32