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Be Interesting...

Be very interesting to see how Rick Mercer and the crew spin things since we never saw him or his crew there?

Will be checking out the 22minutes this week.
Here's a spin that will make you dizzy: I just watched the Ron Paul quiz put out by the Broadbent institution
They have turned off the ratings and comments for the Ron Paul quiz but i went to their channel and just posted on the videos they didn't have comments turned off. I can't stand nonsense and that quiz is nonsense. They have a quiz with no results? And when you take the quiz and score 100% at the end they accuse you of being Ron Paul and to stop taking the quiz??? I thought 100% was a passing grade? So I guess I passed? I figure I answered the questions properly but I got the feeling they were not happy with my 100% passing grade? Did they think no one has common sense and no one could score 100% without having the knowledge of Ron Paul? Or maybe they are trying to get an idea of how many Canadians are actually awake? I wonder what i would have got if I scored a 5%? Maybe a free NDP hat!! A NDP pen and day timer? Maybe a little smiley face on my quiz with a quote from Ned Brainbent saying "good job keep up the good work stick you head back in the stand and carry on with the good work."
They really shouldn't post this pathetic embarassing nonsense but apparently they do not know me or how nonsense affects me.. it seems to inspire a fire within and i teach a good lesson in blowback. Something politicians know very little about. So lets all start giving lessons in Blowback!

PS: Being able to see, listen and meet Ron Paul was a day we will never forget. For me it was no different than meeting Thomas Jefferson or John F Kennnedy. Or in the Canadian version men like Samuel Lount, Peter Mathews, Tommy Douglas... I'm sure everyone here gets the point.