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I am not holding Rand up as

I am not holding Rand up as our savior and my support of him does not mean I am going to spend my money on fixed elections. My point is there is going to be elections anyways and someone is going to be put in there. Might as well be Rand and lets see what he will do. I have my doubts the election fixers will allow him in anyway however I'll take any steps forward the sheep want to take toward liberty. The all or nothing approach has gotten us about as far as we can go for now. We have to work with the masses to get any further as much as it pains us... Like it or not they are the reason things are the way they are and if we can move them toward liberty at all we should don't you think?

I am not faulting anyone for not jumping on the bandwagon I just found it interesting that the neocons are suddenly stepping up the purist vs compromise rhetoric to stir the divide over Rand. It means they are scared IMO.

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