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from your 'oh, you're one of THOSE people...' presumptive non-quantifiers, ie.

Another anarchist who wants us to...
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give up without a fight so the tyrants they claim to oppose can continue building an anarcho-barbarian nightmare. Check out these posts.

to this non sequitur:

At DP, there's overwhelming support...
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for Ron Paul's idea of limited Constitutional government. So for this post to get so many upvotes, there must be a lot of anarchists at DP who only pretend to support limited government. And there are a lot of anarchists who try argue that Ron Paul is an anarchist.

you're making a moot, irrelevant point.

Your deduction from 'upvotes' is that because a thread seems to have generated a discussion outside of your own personally sanctioned topical choice, your nominal conclusion is that there must be 'pretend' constitutionalists "who try argue that Ron Paul is an anarchist."???

WTF? LOL, no really?

First of all, there's no DP membership requirement, that must conform to YOUR, Mark Hanson's, particular opinion of what R3VOLution should, or should not be about.

Second of all, no anarchist/AnCap/Voluntaryist/Agorist argues that Ron Paul 'must' be an anarchist. Nor, have I ever personally observed anyone make him out to be something he's not, of course that's not to say that others won't:

Though the fact that he's long been associated with Rothbard/Mises Inst./ and have made some of his voluntaryist-leaning philosophies publicly known, does not negate, nor diminish in ANY way the nobleness of the fact that while as a member of a Federal legislative body, his Oath, his 'contract' was such that he worked within the confines of the Constitution the best he knew how (possibly in the American Republic's history), bothered no one actually paying attention.

Like all favored (or 'controversial') historical political figures, some or much of their own philosophy may or may not coincide with those of others, that one may personally find favorable, agreeable, enough to want to share in the conversation.

Oh, but going back to your "Another anarchist who wants us to..." ie 'Oh, you're one of THOSE people'-thread, never mind the fact that contrary to your a-priori proclamation, you know jack sh*t about what I personally, actually want, um... WTF? "anarcho-barbarian nightmare" LOLOLOL

Cute pseudo neologism, by the way. I've been laughing AT it, ever since, no really.

Seriously, you do realize like that was the first time ever, that you even 'talked' to me, and in no ironic lack of netiquette, 'hey how you doing, FU, you must be one of 'those' people!' is how you actually introduced a complete stranger?

Got common sense much?

To be frank, the 1st and the only rebuttal that really popped into my head was: 'oh you mean YOU [Mark] are one of THOSE... you know, an asshole?' LOLOLOLOL

Needless to say, I chose not to reply; while it would've fulfilled my daily bemusement quota, I didn't want my personal discussions here at DailyPaul devolving into a typical YouTube comment section idiocy, even after reading many of your threads and replies to others here, I've really tried to NOT venture into this realm, but because you've been harping on it for a while, seeing as how you insist, and persist...I gotta ask the following apropos question:

Just Who The F*ck do you think you are?

Who the f*ck do you think you are, to presume to believe that you, like some entitlement statist collectivist neoCon liberal, are 'deserved' an answer, requiring other DailyPaul members here who 'dare stray' from your own narrowly defined 'Constitutionalist' view, that people 'prove' their constitutionalist bona you, like you're some one man Politburo committee?

We've co-exhisted here for over 5yrs, let me repeat that, for over FIVE LONG FRAKKING YEARS, long before you came here making a fuss, and try to divide and conquer.

Better yet, all the BS niceties and your obviously questionable tact aside, seriously, just what is your aim here?

Is your quest to:

1. convert others to your way of thinking
2. to purge those whom you deem to be 'less worthy'? If so, should all AnCaps here wear a yellow star equivalent DP avatar?

Because frankly, trying either of your two presently exhibited methods at a site visited by a bunch of sovereign individualists, one visited LONG before you ever became a member requiring them 'prove' to you their bona fides, doesn't exactly go over, like at ANY forums, let alone one inspired by Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul.

So you can keep talking, attempt to flippantly negate others' long held and forged beliefs, principles, and philosophies, as if your own tripe will somehow instantaneously upend conclusions that many came upon after a long period of self-reflections/inflections, philosophical catharses, and long internal examinations and research to come to, you got another thing coming if you honestly believe that you're gonna make 'friends' here, or at the least even remotely 'convert' them to your particular way of thinking.

I mean, at some level, you DO know that right? You have to know, no??

If you do and don't care what your audience (if your aim is to have an attentive audience) take from your encounters, then one must inquire, why not attain your mirror as your sole audience? WhyTF bother continuously making an ass of yourself?

So, if you actually want to engage in a legitimate discussion, I'm all ears, but reading your past posts, and your rather arrogant criticisms, not gonna get much traction, at least not with me.

So type away.

PS: So... by your non-'logic',

"a long interesting history of intellectual elites fleshing out these ideas." In other words, anarchism was created by the ruling class which Larken Rose, the anarchist, had just said cannot be legitimate. Oops! What a tangled web the anarchists weave when at first they practice to deceive.

if you Mark Hanson, our illustrious AnCap purger, like ham sandwiches, and so does Hitler (Adolf Schicklgruber was historically proven to be quarter Jewish, but obviously non-observant (LOL), and a purported vegan, be that as it may for the sake of conversation, you get the gist), then you too must be a Nazi, too!

That, makes perfect sense to me!

"anarchism was created by the ruling class"

Well... so were most other "-isms."

By your 'logic,' so were every single Founders of our American Constitutional Republic, who were intellectual luminaries of the Enlightenment Era; all intellectuals of yore were de facto Ruling Class of their time, and if they deposed a previous ruling order, they became the 'Ruling Class' thereafter.

You do realize that by and large, humanity, as a species, did not attend colleges (not to equate college as principled intellectualism per-se, but merely as a metric for wide-spread, more commonplace dissemination of history and info, be they accurate or otherwise), en masse, until the 1950's, right??

So, in fact by your 'logic,' every popular idea that has become popular either by an intelligentsia within the previous Ruling Class, or a rebel faction within that said Ruling Class who have popularized the idea, or a 'peon' who were familiar with that said Ruling Class idea, MUST automatically be bad, and one is absolutely deceptive to share those ideas!

Now that's what I call an 'intellectual' ToFurkey! LOL

By your 'logic,' Martin Luther too was Ruling Class, since he 'democratized' the Vatican's Latin Bible into a 'commoner's language, for the world to see via Johannes Gutenberg's press. So guess by your 'logic,' by default, that makes all Christians the Ruling Class' lackeys, too.

See how ridiculous vacant deductive reasoning can be?

Deductive analysis, is only apt when examined in proper holistic context. Not when you selectively do it as a member of a Cargo Cult, ridiculing everyone else as one, too.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul