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I don't think they're catching all of the heat

but I do think it could be proportionate to how much control they have on what's happening inside of government. I mean.. that's pretty much what a neocon is.. they're Zionists.. not because of their religious beliefs but the things they do while they hide behind them.

Regardless though.. this isn't the topic. The "MinURBusiness" guy does little of that if you look at his many replies to me BEFORE he came to the "I don't think drones should be used"..

See, bear.. a lot of people say things like that when they really don't mean it.. They're just using it as a way to appeal to the person they're talking to. I don't trust any one of the people that are pushing this drone issue to the side by saying "But he's getting people talking".. Hogshit..

He could have just as well got them talking by putting his foot down too. He has had many chances to solidify his base in us "Ron Paul People" and he has chosen to ride the fence.. These fence decision have real world ethical consequences. This isn't a game as many are trying to disgustingly paint it as.

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