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It was stated, clearly, more than once, that the farmer admitted his mistake, and is willing to serve his sentence. The railroading about the money with the big scam being pulled, is unacceptable. You think, If I wrecked my truck, for work, I should get three to replace it? I am sure my insurance company would disagree. Then, in the end, there is a loophole that would protect this man, from inscrutable pilots, spraying with abandon? His integrity is challenged, because there are chemicals on his organic crops! So, now, he cannot sell them at the higher price commanded by such crops! What else can be taken?! The man needs a victory about this, in court. But, we have the "American Injustice" system, instead, destroying his inheritance, to his kids!

Our justice system has become the rich man's game. It is not what our founding fathers imagined! Things have changed. But, it appears the pilot has committed fraud, aided by the "justice" system.

Since he is claiming to be an organic farm, he has to maintain the crops, free of the chemicals, the damned pilot was spraying, near his land. There should be a separate case involving this, verified, problem. Instead, they say the farmer is being dishonest about chemicals being on his organic produce?! I think it sucks. Being not rich, means we don't deserve justice any more? Sorta feels real bad to me! Believe me, I was rich and now am poor, yet richer, now that I am poor!