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Ok fatuous so what's your

Ok fatuous so what's your plan? Just stick to the message and maybe in 30 years we might triple our numbers and the global elite will still be running the world and have stamped out freedom all together?


No thanks I'll take a shot at working with what we have to work with. It does not make me a follower or a compromiser it makes me a realist that we are surrounded and outnumbered by the masses of people who have little or no concept of liberty and like it or not the majority does dictate the type of society we live in by their action or inaction and we have to deal with them...

I'd rather try and move them a step or two in the direction of liberty then sit back throw stones and hope for war where the outcome is uncertain and would set us back at least a century.

If it comes to war I will fight for liberty but as long as there are any peaceful means of moving forward I will try those first. Maybe someday humanity can make a change for the better without a goddamned war... I am not holding my breath with stubborn blind idealism attitudes such as yours. The real world is far different then the one you think you live in.

It's easy to just sit back on the internet and say yeah let's just kill all the bastards and then we will have liberty but I am afraid it is not that simple and naive at best to think that.

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