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What right am I compromising

What right am I compromising in standing up for the 5th? Where was the compromise in Rand standing up for the 5th and Getting the President to admit he does not have the right to kill Americans without due process? That was a major step forward where this criminal administration has trampled rights from day one.

Do I believe they will keep their word? Of course not but now millions of Americans are aware of this and will know when they break it. And it has set the stage for the masses to start thinking about if it is right to kill Americans or any non combatant on foreign soil too. But know you guys don't want to take any steps forward unless you can have it all...

You guys are like a starving man refusing a piece of bread and a glass of milk unless he can have a stake dinner to go with it... Sigh!

Wars are not won in a single battle it takes a lot of little battles and many of them are lost before you can win the war. Your guys strategy is to stay off the battle field and hope for a miracle...

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