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Thanks for the civil discourse, MUB. I like that...'MUB'

Yeah, at least is is outspoken on some items. I think all the fuss on the sequestration is scare tactics by the PTB. We basically live in a Phobiocracy, rule by fear.

Rand voted yes for military spending, but no for indefinite detention. There were 18 other Senators that also voted 'no' for indefinite detention, but yes to appropriations. So Rand does not really even stand out. I deduced this by looking at the two versions of the bill.

He voted for two rounds of Iranian sanctions.

As for the spending. Come on. 95% of it is ridiculous! And Rand does did not vote to cut any. He voted for the Dec. 4th version of the bill, which was what was requested.

But don't get me wrong. I am really trying to see what all the hurrah is about. I wished he was as good as his dad. For me, he just isn't.

And another thing. I think that in Kentucky, you can only run for one office at a time. So you guys need to think if you would rather have him in the Senate learning, or go bye bye.

I will keep watching from the bleachers.