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"Hold feet to the fire, including Rand’s, Justin’s, Ted’s and others who we happen to support. Do not sacrifice what Ron, and many of us, have and continue to work so hard to do."

Agreed. People didn't hold Obama's feet to the fire which is why we are still killing people all over the world, still have warrantless wire tapping, still have Guantamano, still have the patriot act, etc, etc. In fact when he got into office he basically said, now make me do this stuff and the people scattered and did nothing. SO, thanks to Rand for finally bringing it to the forefront.

Anybody who thinks they can just put someone in office who is saying the right things without following through to making sure they also do the right things is going to be disappointed. Or perhaps we just make sure we have a tag team- those good at promoting and those good at enforcing.

I think the party system is seriously deficient and detrimental in the enforcing part. Republicans just follow along with Republicans who are just plain doing wrong--- Rand endorsing Romney is case in point. The Dems do the same. It helps no one.

So let us be the lit grass going across the plains.