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The 'Purists Plan'...

...has never and will never be used or come to fruition.

To do so would require more than a scant-handful to actually HAVE, let alone to 'stand' on individual liberty principle, constitutionalism and the Ethic of Individualism.

Sadly, the vast percentage of those who 'claim' to be in the 'liberty movement', regularly fail to demand that the basic, fundamental core-principles be held to by those who are in office, or by those who are vying for office...let alone for themselves.

What has a non-debatable track record is the 'gotta compromise', 'okay to compromise', 'gotta have electability', he/she is 'better than the other turd' and/or the 'give some to get a little' paradigm.

We are witness to the inevitable and predictable result of that 'plan'. It has been consistently in effect for multiple decades.