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Good Lord!

I 'get it', clearly. Fact is, I have 'got it' for many, many years.

That said, 'you' do not get to frame the argument in this false manner.

You are correct in that the majority of people 'reject' the 'purist plan' which is dirt-simple.

Here is the 'big secret'.

One simply understands the Ethic of Individualism, the Ethic of Collectivism and one understands the Constitution. Next one uses them and the core-principles of individualism as a yardstick to measure anyone who is either in, or is vying for elected office, at all levels, consistently, openly, loudly and with clear expectations.

Those who fail to measure up are flatly and openly rejected.

Viola, all will be fixed in a period of time.

Unfortunately, you and your ilk do not seem to have the core-principles necessary to do so, because if you did, then you would not be able to waver from them. You and your brethren certainly do not stand on them or hold others to such a simple and consistent measure, therefore, we live the inevitable result.

As to your choice, I reject both 'killing all the non-purists' and also 'working with them', beyond when our paths converge on certain issues...and never when they divert or turn from the core-principles and from constitutionalism.

Your mileage obviously varies.

I am be prepared and trained for the inevitable, which is best summed up as follows....'Collectivism inevitably leads to totalitarianism'.

Nothing you advocate will ensure that Collectivism is rejected or turned back, therefore...