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I could not agree more. The

I could not agree more.

The new president Zeman already promised to sign the ESM "Debt Union" treaty, which basically hands over all monetary oversight to European Commission, a highway to financial hell. Nigel Farage fights this beast bravely, unfortunately he's a lone voice.

Klaus refused to sign it as one of the very few, maybe even as the only european president. Too bad he's leaving now.

People are to blame, just because they're blind - they have no trust in government, yet they always vote for even more government. There is no way BACK from the slippery socialist slope, once people get dependent on the state, the productive minority will never be able to shrink the government back to pocket size in democratic elections :(

-On a more positive note, you wouldn't (oh you would!) believe how many eyes Ron Paul and the US Liberty movement has opened, really. People are beginning to see that there is a better way after all and it gives me great hope.

If there were just few hundreds of Czech people who knew about Ron Paul last year, now it's thousands. Still not enough to make a revolution :( but the fires of liberty are being ignited all over the world. Mindsets change.