Comment: We should recruit Ron Paul

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We should recruit Ron Paul

to run again. Imagine this scenario in the debates?? Ron and Rand both running for Prez versus the bankster b*tches. lol In fact we should stack the entire race with well known Liberty minded folks; Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Amash, Alex Jones, and others. We could also have everyone strategically bow out and dedicate their support to the chosen one. They would dominate the debate and could offer a strategic choice that only benefits the liberty position. Imagine if Ron or Rand selected the other as running Mate:) Paul Paul ticket would be the establishment's worst nightmare come true.

I don't agree with playing to politics to win our freedoms back because I think the courts are a much better and more effective avenue but it is fun to watch the criminal shills get the a$$es handed to them on national television

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