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Ah my brother

PK...been too long. As usual you are correct. I should. The trouble is bro, I'm not really in control of it. This one evolved spontaneously last night from a chat that me and Vinceableworld were having last night. And it was in context like "hold on for a sec and i'll solemnify this in a post" and then we just kept babbling about nothing.

Vince has this literary thing going where we're all members of a crack subversive criminal operative team and he's incorporated me as a character and there is not one dang thing I can do about it. Except be glad I'm cast in a central and glamorous role. In Vinceable's world i'm not just a dumpy old reject, I'm a dashing and exciting dumpy old reject.

If you really want to know, and I know he's gonna be pissed at me for divulging but one of the best satirists we have here is Bill3. Like if you really want to put your spurs into somebody's flank and ride them like a pony, Bill3 is your man. He needs only 3 things: booze, encouragement and maybe just a bit more booze to really crank out the masterpieces.

Oh and hey, regards to family.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.