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I just meant experience-wise.

Certainly we don't need a Nepotocracy, rule by pedigree. Lincoln was a super high-power attorney for the railroads (the main industry back then). And there were no oversees wars.

Kennedy was groomed from an early age.

But that was not my point. Rand is just a newbie. He is still trying to figure out the difference between a debt and a deficit. Granted he is smart and learns quickly but, imo, he's too green.

But, it is all a mute point. I think we all know that presidents are just figure-heads. They are backed by massive money. They make no decisions. Every president since Teddy Roosevelt was a puppet of a hidden ruling dynasty. If you are an outsider you they will treat you like they did Ron.

So, consequently all those presidents have backers that make all the decisions. They come from families that have studied 'ruling' for generations. So Rand, only being there for two years, thinking that he has a chance is actually a bit humorous. At least his dad knew this.

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