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Agreed, my tone gets

Agreed, my tone gets off.


Always the but. Rather than align with the folks who would have easily believed that solar panels were free energy in the 30's, why not align with the folks who knew what solar panels do and that they are in no way free? Rather than align with the folks today, whom you assert think it's magical to direct power with a magnet moving over conducting coils, why not disabuse them of their magical thinking and discourage the term "free energy"?

I guess I don't understand why my distaste for such thinking such misleading terms is an any way discouraging. For those interested in understanding how either solar energy or electric motors work, they'd be well served not to use "free energy" in their search terms. Just because a person has trouble understanding Tesla's wireless power transmission at a distance, or solar panels, or how oil gets turned into miles in a Volvo on the highway, doesn't mean he or she is justified in calling their lack of research or mental acumen, "magic" or "free energy."