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Maybe you should read the OP More Carefully...

I am not on board with everything Rand has don either jeeze whats with the knee jerking? Maybe you should read the OP again a little more carefully with out letting your emotions get the better of you. This isn't just about Rand Paul it is about divide and Conquer.

I did not call everyone who is not for Rand a shill as I said there are a few agitators guess you missed that part and the several other posts where I explained I have no problem with reasonable disagreement. However the shills are blatantly obvious as they devolve into the absurd.

You saw fit to let your emotional knee jerk reaction cause you to to move this off the Active post list into the political back room. Funny how there are dozens of post about Rand Paul but this is the only one that belongs in the backroom... Sigh.

What happened to your free speech rhetoric even allowing NAZI bullshit in the name of free speech but no this is too divisive... I expected a little better from you Nystrom. Why don't you show some consistency and let the community decide if this thread is worth reading and debating instead of pulling rank and stuffing it?

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