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How cute that you guys think I was talking about you! :D

I was talking about well-known personalities and players in the media and political spheres. I have no idea who you guys are or what your long-term philosophies are and therefore you could not have been part of my assessment.

By-in-large, the WELL KNOWN characters that are supporting Rand are neocons. And the WELL-KNOWN ones questioning him are long-term early hardcore supporters of Ron Paul from the beginning.

And one thing you can be sure of is if Rand would have pulled his filibuster stunt on Bush Jr. then the exact same neocons praising Ron now would be MUCH nastier than McCain and Graham have been with Rand.

It is nothing more than a partisan political stunt. Rand is completely disposable to them. And if Rand ever openly threatens the neocons desire for continued wars, protection of Israel and big govt then he will be destroyed and tossed aside.

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