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The left wing rule by

The left wing rule by pejoratives, name calling, and insulting rhetoric to cover their lack of an intelligent argument. Every other word out of reporters mouths on MSNBC is an insult of some type. Thank God very few people watch them. I scan Huffington post to see what that side is saying and what commenter's think. 95% of the comments over there are snark and ad hominem attacks with no substance whatsoever, although there is a slight improvement of late. This seems to be the only way the left know how to run the country. The lack of intelligent conversation on the left is amazing.

When I hear snark and insults flung from people like McCain and Graham, it just seems over the top childish and a page from the lefts playbook. The same tired old pablum and platitude rhetoric out of their mouths ain't working either.

Note to snarky commenter's, It doesn't work anymore. Most people have become numb to that sophomoric crap. I know I have.