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So you plan on getting Rand

So you plan on getting Rand as President huh? How do you plan on overcoming Diebold; and other election rigging methods?

If Rand would actually be an asset to the Liberty movement, then surely you must agree that TPTB would never give him a fair chance at becoming president. Unless you don't think that the 2008, and 2012 primaries weren't rigged against Ron; but if they weren't rigged, then we don't have the numbers that we think we have anyway. But, if those elections were rigged then so would a Presidential election with Rand in it; if he really is on our side. If you agree with what I've said then ask yourself what voting will actually do? If you do not agree with I've said then could you please explain where I was wrong.

I believe that the only reason there is a get-out-to-vote movement is to try and legitimize the government. Only about 30 to 40% of registered voters usually vote. Nearly 40% of those elligable to be registered to vote, aren't. There is a lage section of people who are either elligable and not registered or who are registered and don't vote. This is makes all winners of these votes illegitimate, because the vast majority of 'voters' actively choose to vote against government the only way they can, which is, by not voting at all.